Our Services

Consistent with the agency mission, our supportive services are designed to assist residents in reaching such goals as heightened independence, empowerment and personal achievement in a setting with fewer restrictions than they may have been used to. The degree of supportive services provided is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the individual's care plan and the objectives they have established for themselves in consultation with our staff. Services include:

* Assistance with activities of daily living
* Basic financial literacy
* Assistance with cleaning and cooking
* Peer counseling
* Assistance with securing entitlements and benefits
* Coordination of healthcare and mental health services
* Social skills development, and
* Transportation

In addition, all residents are requested to participate in some form of structured activity five hours/day, four days/week. Activities may include: rehabilitative services, a vocational program, paid employment, volunteer work, or school.

We are proof that supportive housing promotes stability, wellness and recovery, continuity of services and supportive relationships. The individuals who reside in our homes demonstrate daily their ability to maintain themselves in an independent living environment. Not one has returned to an institutional setting or the streets. When combined with supportive services, meaningful activity in the community, and access to therapy, appropriate housing provides the framework necessary to permanently end their homelessness.

Our success has saved taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. One year of hospitalization at Greystone Psychiatric Hospital is $250,000 and the cost is $365,000 at Bergen Regional Medical Center. Per client, the cost of the housing and support provided by AAH is less than $20,000 per year.

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