AAH Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is composed of primary consumers of mental health services, secondary consumers (family members of mental health consumers), and individuals (non-consumers) who are passionate advocates for the mentally ill and homeless. According to by-laws, a minimum of 51% of the Trustees must be primary or secondary consumers.

The men and women on our Board are an extraordinary group of professionals with expertise in various areas such as healthcare, public relations, finance, law and non-profit administration. AAH relies on their integrity and committment to lead fundraising efforts, oversee the fiscal integrity of the agency, and to ensure all key areas of the organization's operations are functioning at the highest quality standards. As representatives of the organization, our Trustees regularly demonstrate their commitment to excellence, belief in the mission of AAH, and understanding of the unique needs and concerns of people living with mental illness and homelessness.

The Board of Trustees meets once a month.

Board of Trustees

Jonathan Woll

Ellen Bucciarelli
Vice President

Cynthia Allred

John Hopper

Sharon McKenna

Evelyn Gonzalez

John Uzzi

Mary Jo Dervos

Jessica Kennedy

David L. Moore, MAS
Executive Director

Special Advisors

Gail Levinson
Executive Director of SHA

Shari DePalma
Executive Director of Madeline Corporation

Julia Orlando, CRC, ED.M.