Applying for Housing

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Thank you for your interest in AAH of Bergen County, Inc.  The links on this page include the application, three HIPAA ‘release of information’ forms and a brochure outlining the resources and services our agency provides to our clients.  Please complete the entire application and sign all three releases and return them to our agency by mail or fax.  The first release of information form should list the name, address and phone number of your current mental health provider (partial hospitalization program, day treatment program, therapist, e.g.).  The second should include the name address and phone number of the place where you were most recently hospitalized, even if it was years ago.  The third release should include the name, address and phone number of a relative, friend or anyone involved with the application, outside of the mental health system.

Anyone filling out the application should keep in mind that we are a supportive housing program with a minimum of supportive coverage, up to three hours per day, five days per week.  Applicants should have some history of independent living.  Applicants who have a recent history of alcohol or substance abuse (within the past six months) must be engaged in some type of support system such as a MICA program, NA, AA, etc.  Six months of sobriety or abstinence from drug use, outside of an institutional setting for one year, is preferable.  Anyone with a serious suicide attempt within the past year will not be eligible.  Some diagnoses such as Anti-social Personality Disorder or Chronic Obsessive-Compulsive disorder may be best left to a more structured setting.  Please consider these factors when applying.

Upon receipt of the application, we will forward the HIPAA releases to the service provider or family member(s).  Once the information is received back at our office we can make a determination of eligibility.  The length of the review process is determined by the time it takes to obtain a copy of your psychiatric evaluation and other necessary information from the people/institutions/agencies on your release forms.  We cannot make a determination of eligibility until all information is obtained. 

Download an application

Download a consent of release for psychiatric information form

Download a consent of release for medical information form

Download a consent of release for family and friend contact information form