Improvements to Quality

AAH looks at each person as a unique individual.  Inherent to the culture of our agency is our belief that each person can move beyond their current limitations reaching a level of independence and contentment.  Our clients are learning to successfully deal with the frustrations and obstacles created by their disabilities.  Since homelessness is no longer part of their daily burden, each person can focus more fully on the dimensions of wellness incorporated into their personal goals.  Our staff understands that flexibility is essential to the interactions they have with each individual.  Our goal is to provide the most durable support and compassionate guidance we can for every person as they continue on their walk towards wellness. 

We meet the need of each person where they are at – mentally, socially and emotionally.  Our agency overall encourages sobriety.  Those who find themselves having difficulty extricating themselves from street drugs and alcohol will be referred to programs designed to deal with these concerns.  Short-termed therapy by an in-house LCSW is available for those who are in crisis and need clinical support.  The use of interns has added another level of support and the ability to encourage our clients to attend a variety of social, artistic and intellectual events. 

Our Quality Assurance Team meets several times each year to assess our current programs and to review the Agency Questionnaires answered by staff and our clients.  These forums are a necessary part of the health of our organization and allow us to maintain a focused and successful program to benefit the men, women and families we serve.